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It’s no secret that little standardization exists within the shaft industry. The Shaft Playability Factor rankings help you account for flex, weight, torque, bend point and tip stiffness and find the correct shaft for you. Use this simple tool to take advantage of the most simple and effective shaft selection system in clubmaking!

Now, use this tailored list to select an appropriate shaft at The GolfWorks – online at or inside of any Golf Galaxy store and at

Recent Comments

  • jerieck
  • 10:26 AM - November 24, 2013

I have I believe an opportunity to get a set of malt by glider x irons but they have steel shafts with a x and white dot on them and he thinks they are stiff flex , my swing speed is approx 78 to 80 , drive carry and roll 185-200 , if I get them it will be pricey but what shaft should I get with help for a fade in ball flight and some distance help thanks

  • el.lock
  • 02:21 PM - November 13, 2013

Hi Ralph and everybody, I am new here. I would like to understand where is the test that you’re talking about Want to find the shaft that more fits my swing! Thanks

  • Delimac
  • 02:34 PM - August 01, 2013

Hi Ralph I need some advice ,I have been working on my swing ,I currently hit my 7 iron about 183 yards and driver about 320 but I am at altitude in Johannesburg ...:-) I currently have rifle 5.5 standard length shafts ,I am seriously considering moving to either KBS tour shaft or project x 6.0 but unsure of flighted or unflighted shafts as currently I hit my irons With considerable height.Only concern is the distance because suspect-able to wind conditions . What would you recommend ? Also I am 6.1ft and everyone I play with says I should get 1/2" or full inch put onto my shafts ... I just don't want make too many changes but my bad shot comes when I am crouched(bent knee)and I am very comfortable with my woods and long irons Thanks Carlos

  • morgas
  • 06:21 AM - March 07, 2013

Hi. titleistman44 I got the same numbers you have and also considering moving to an X100 or KBS Tour. Did you have an answer about the questions you made here?

  • WUTiger
  • 11:06 PM - December 25, 2012

Dear Ralph, I have X20 Tour irons with PX 5.0 rifle flighted R shafts, and hit my 6i about 150 yards. My Calla Razr Fit driver has a RIP.D NV 60 gram R shaft. This summer I got fitted for RBZ FWs (3W.HL and 7W) with RBZ X.Con 5 / 45 gr. R shafts, and a 4H with a Graphite 65 / 65 Gr. R shaft. After I got "warmed up" for the season, my Driver and irons started flying better, but the RBZ family turned into a hook machine. (Sometimes 4 balls OB per round). Recently I went from standard to midsize grips on the RBZ, with lesser hook problems. But, I have to swing almost slow to get a decent shot. (slower than driver or irons) If I had the shafts tipped about a half inch, would this stiffen things and possibly allow me to press more without hooking? Or, should I reshaft with something else? Also, if the gap between iron shaft weight and lightweight wood shafts is too much, will this mess up swing tempo?

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