How To Re-grip Your Clubs

It’s Easy and Economical!

Remove your old grips and replace them with a fresh new set of standard slip-on grips in six easy steps. Replacing grips is one of the easiest ways to renew a set of clubs, giving you the great tacky feel and improved performance of a new set. You should renew your grips each year. You’ll be amazed at the improvement!

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We teach this skill in my GolfWorks schools.

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Building Your Own Golf Clubs Is One Great Hobby!

Why? Because everyone needs to relax and do something that they enjoy. Many jobs are stressful and many are not, but we simply need to get away from work occasionally to expand our horizons and maybe, just maybe, we can learn something new and have some fun in the process. The only reason that I am in the golf business today was simply my desire to learn more about the sport I loved. Unfortunately, back in the 1960’s it was impossible to obtain any information about the technical aspects of golf clubs. The only information I found was a small booklet about golf club repair written by Kenneth Smith.

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How To Assemble Golf Clubs

Assemble Custom Golf Clubs – Have Fun And Improve Your Game!

Assembling golf clubs from components is a practical and affordable way to try the latest equipment technologies. It is easy to experiment with shaft and club combinations, so you can learn what different equipment properties can do for your game. Using our Clubhead and Shaft Playability Factor rating systems as guidelines, and our great selection of well designed clubheads and shafts, you can assemble clubs that address your specific needs.

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Find The Shaft For You

A simple tool to help you find your shaft MPF.


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